Nicholas Cangiano

"Nicholas Cangiano's ability to enter the flow state cuts through a world of straight lines and rules to produce a sound that's been honed to near perfection."
-indie shuffle

New Album 2024

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'New Occasion EP', available everywhere.

New single, 'Kaleidoscope,' available everywhere.

I wanted to portray the feeling of how another’s presence can open up new perspectives and possibilities of experiencing the world. The verses are filled with imagery that pull you into this new found comforting world, while the refrain contrasts an expressed worry that we’re wishing our days away. Kaleidoscope is a perfect moment between two lovers holding this feeling of not wanting to waste their lives elsewhere.

Stream 'Right Time Right Place'

“‘Right Time Right Place’ is all about finding your rhythm and owning it; making friends with change and learning to make it work in your favor. The thing about finding your rhythm is it’s infectious – ‘Right Time Right Place’ is truly a celebration of empowerment, and I want to share that feeling with everyone who listens.”